Our house is beautifully exposed. Pitched high on the glen, it looks east across the bay and south to the islands. It was from the south that the storm bellowed. Beating against windows. Testing tiles. It had been a long, testing day for us too. A day for doubts, goodbyes and lasts. Last walk to the beach, last wade in the water, last supper.

We went to Mamó’s for stew where family gathered to say goodbye. Goodbyes cost. There was a spring tide, at its highest at 8.15.  Daideo knew, he’d studied the almanac. Mamó and Daideo’s house is by the pier and the high tide had entered under the front door before. This night’s tide was thankfully uneventful. The nine o’ clock news reported disrupted traffic in north Dublin. A giant inflatable Minion flew onto the Swords road. We decided to catch an earlier bus.

We were upset when we finally left Mamó’s. It hit us. It had to at some stage. The following morning we were happy again, looking forward to the flight. We were not leaving forever, just ten months. An adventure. A new story to unfold over coming months. The four a.m start was not our preferred rising time but we’d a long journey ahead of us. Thirty-three hours. We moved quickly, grabbed the back packs and closed the door behind us.
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2 thoughts on “Stoirm

  1. You do look great! We are impressed to see Darragh so tall!!! We are looking forward to following all your adventures. Include some lovely pictures of yourselves too, please!


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