Some Details!


Some details! We will be based in a school in Buenos Aires from August to December, then back-pack to the southern tip of Argentina and back up the Chilean side.  We’ll continue into Bolivia and Colombia before heading across to Central America. There, we will take in Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Our base will be Granada, Nicaragua for a couple of months before we head to Atlanta and a short stay in the southern States.  Along the way, we will work on different projects.

Our return flight will be from Managua, Nicaragua so that’s why we decided to fly to Buenos Aires the long way via the USA. Considering we began by leaving Connemara at 4 a.m to catch a bus, travel time would be long. Thirty-three hours. We had flight connections to make in Paris and Atlanta and not a lot of time to make them.

In Paris, we had an hour and a half to get boarding passes and transfer. We followed signs, traipsed escalators, pleaded for help. The automatic dispensers wouldn’t work and time was ticking by. We found our way to a very long queue of kindred spirits and eventually to a well-motivated but utterly incapable steward. “Yes, yes. I am a trainee,” was his stock response to our pleas that we would miss the plane. We eventually got the passes and ran to the gates with untied boots and belts, relieved but sweating. Our two hours in  Atlanta were worse. Movement through the airport was efficiently marshalled but Customs and Border Control meant that we just about made the BA flight. Again boot-less and belt-less and bound for Buenos Aires.


Art Work by Darragh, Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires

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