Early morning, Buenos Aires.


It`s 7am in downtown Buenos Aires and the city is bathed in early morning light. The sky over Avenida Coronel Diaz is pink and the normally cream-white tower blocks reflect this rosey hue, as Porteños set off on their morning routines.

The city is alive. On Libertatores, eleven lanes of traffic wait at red lights as pedestrians race across, tracking their 29 second digitalized countdown. Black and yellow taxis compete with orange school buses for lane superiority. Yellow city bikes spin along cycle lanes, sharing with joggers. Dogs lovingly led through streets and parks, empty their bowels. Inside plush lobbies, parents wait with pupils for school transport.


Wellingtoned doormen hose outside apartment blocks and high-end car show-rooms with sweet-smelling detergents. A silent predawn move has already taken place. Last night, I noticed many homeless under blankets. Colourless, camouflaged in their surroundings. In the dark they have gone. Evading light and early morning hose-downs.

DSC_0709 (1)


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