Good Luck Argentina!

We’re backing Los Pumas all the way now!

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Darragh and I were dreading going in last Monday, but it turned out to be a lovely occasion. I spoke at assembly, congratulated Los Pumas and told the boys that we were really proud of Ireland`s effort too.

After speaking, we helped to raise the Argentine flag over the school while the children sang the anthem.  The ceremony takes place every morning but our show of support caused quite a stir especially when I told them that my Irish friends wished them well and wanted Argentina to beat Australia.


The boys didn`t believe me. They were adamant that I should be for Australia because Argentina knocked Ireland out of the World Cup.

I’ve spent the week being the most popular man in Newman. Everybody wanted to to tease me about Ireland losing but also to ask if I was really for Argentina.

Of course I’m for Los Pumas; the three of us really hope they do it.

Tomorrow is a hugely historic day for the country. Not because of the rugby but because of the general election.  The economy is in big trouble here with serious inflation and Argentina isolated financially.


Current President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is standing down as she has reached her two-term limit so tomorrow Argentinians will elect a new president for the first time in eight years.

One of the leading candidates is Mauricio Macri who is mayor of Buenos Aires and past pupil of our school, Newman. He refers to his kidnapping in the early 1990s as one of the reasons he took up politics.

He is the former President of Boca Juniors and when asked about the Rugby World Cup ,he said that football in Argentina has a lot to learn from the way rugby fans celebrated together.

Here all away fans are banned from football matches because of the risk of crowd trouble. It’s a pity because football is far and away Argentina`s No 1 sport.

Video clips of the Irish celebrating with Argentinians have been shared on social media all week.  The people I speak to are impressed that the Irish, although obviously gutted by the loss, were so sporting in defeat.

I know, I’m not alone  among the Irish  in hoping that Argentina has a great day tomorrow both in Twickenham and at the poll booth.


One thought on “Good Luck Argentina!

  1. The Pumas were great!!!!they played so well!!!!!Unfortunately they didn´t win but everybody knows they did their best. And as for the elections happy to hear they say there will be a bollottage!!!let´s keep on praying for our beloved country!!!1


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