La Dolce Vita

Buenos Aires is sweet, a wonderful city to live in and an epicure’s dream.

One of our favourite pastimes is to join local porteños and take an evening stroll along the avenues to have merienda. Argentinians eat very late at night, often as late as nine thirty or ten pm. So just like Spain or Italy, they often head to the streets for merienda, an extra meal to help them survive till dinner time.

Thanks to this Argentine afternoon tea, there is a thriving cafe culture in Buenos Aires where friends meet up to drink coffee or mate and nibble on facturas or pastries especially medialunas.  Some might opt for toast or a sandwich but it’s usually cake.


Alfajores, dulce de leche sandwiched cookies, are particular favourites


It’s a delight to step outside these warm, spring evenings and wander about picking produce as you go. Supermarkets haven`t sucked the life out of communities here so streets are crammed with small family -run food shops. Nearly every block has its own fruit and veg shop.


Twelve million people live in greater Buenos Aires so there are plenty of mouths to feed and that means plenty of business for artisan food shops.

DSC_000001 (3)

On our block near Avenida Coronel Diaz,we also have bakeries, pastry shops, sweet kiosks, and pasta fabricas.


Nearby a butcher and fishmonger.

DSC_000001 (2)
Of course when you don’t feel like cooking there are lots of restaurants, cafes and takeaways on every street. Eating out here is very reasonable and sometimes it seems cheaper to eat out then at home.

Many porteños seem to think so as restaurants are full of people who just pop in to refuel.There is a strong Italian influence in the city so there are many pizza and pasta restaurants.Parillas or steak grill restaurants are everywhere too but make sure you`re hungry before you go.

DSC_000001 (1)

Finally, porteños love ice-cream and buy it by the kilo in the many heladerias all around us. The ice-cream is really very good  especially the dulce de leche; a perfect snack to  keep  sugar levels high till the  midnight meal.

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