Darragh’s BA Likes ‘n Dislikes


5. Playing football in Parque Las Heras with my Dad

.4. Visiting  classmates’ houses on Fridays.

3. Eating delicious school meals.

2. Drawing for the blog.

1 .Reading lots and lots of books.

26 November 2015 104246 GMT+1100


 5.  People in Florida street asking for “CAMBIO” all  the time.

4. Dogs constantly barking.

3. Sirens wailing 24/7.

2.Dog poo everywhere.

1.Cigar smokers.

By the Illustrator

26 November 2015 105232 GMT+1100


3 thoughts on “Darragh’s BA Likes ‘n Dislikes

  1. Hi Daragh I was at the Aviva last Monday week. I thought of you and your Dad. A great atmosphere. Ireland played better than I have seen them for a while. A jammy penalty but we take what we are given. Pat is in Zambia and has been attending a few Zambian games. (Chipolopolo). Have you attended any games over there?


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