‘Lynch is an Argentine name,’ said the young server at the sushi take-away, on Calle French, as he correctly scribbled my surname.

‘No, Lynch is Irish. I`m Irish,’ I pointed out.

‘De verdad?’ Really? he answered.

I don’t blame the guy, the nearby medical surgery is run by  Lynch Pueyrredon.

Usually in non-English speaking countries, I must spell my name but not in Argentina.

Lynch is well recognised here.

At school, there is a family of Lynch’s and I often chat with Facundo and Ignacio Lynch since we are, I tell them, long-lost cousins. Their grandfather has researched their history back to Galway where the Lynches were one of the original fourteen tribes.

My South American relations had always associated the surname with hangings and were relieved to learn that the Gaelic ‘Loing sigh’ means ship builder.

Che Guevera one of the iconic Argentinians is another Lynch of Irish heritage. He was the first child of Ernesto Guevara Lynch and was very close to his grandmother, Ana Isabel Lynch, with whom Che’s family lived for years.
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One of his relations, Benito Lynch was a famous Argentine novelist and short-story writer.

Both apparently are descended from Patrick Lynch, a Galway emigrant who became a wealthy and powerful landowner in Argentina in the mid-1700s.

We Lynches made our way also to neighbouring Paraguay where the extraordinary Eliza Lynch was first lady during the bloody war with Brazil.

Our Lynch name is so popular that some even adopt it.

Popular singer and actress María Cristina Lancelotti took the stage-name Valeria Lynch and went on to have a successful worldwide career spanning five decades.

Anyway, the sushi was nice. I bought it on Calle French named after Domingo French, born 241 years ago today .French was of Irish heritage and was one of the great heroes of the Argentine War of Independence from Spain.Of course, the Ffrenches were another tribe of Galway. Irish names are part of everyday life here.



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