A key to open the sea


A magic key to open the sea.


A thief who became my friend.


Catching a fish that’ll grant you a wish


These enchanting concepts come from the writing of the wonderfully creative class 2C in Cardenal Newman, Buenos Aires.


During November Station Teaching, the class created oral narratives using Rory`s Story Cubes.

The boys loved it, imagining spectacular stories with stunning storylines.

Despite being so young, they really grasped narrative structure, including  settings, problems and resolutions in all their tales.

Even more impressive is that all stories are in English and not their native Spanish.

At the last station, they were dying to write their stories down, reaching for scraps of paper while borrowing pencils to scribble down their ideas.

DSC_000001 (2)

Their stories are so good, we`ve decided to put them in a book and donate it to the school library so other Newman boys can enjoy the adventures.

Tomorrow, the last day of school before the summer holidays, we celebrate the Book Launch.

It’s a wonderful achievement to publish your own book, especially when you are only 7 years old. Well done!

DSC_000001 (3)


My Ideas - 22





31 thoughts on “A key to open the sea

  1. Fantastic work – Rang a do (2nd class). Loved reading your work in Cork City- I’m passing it on to my nephew in Seattle to read it too!
    What a great achievement and in your second language too.
    Well done and keep writing, “it’s the painting of the voice”

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  2. Great stories – reading them here in Kabwe, Zambia. Love them even though we are far, far away and very far from the sea.
    Keep up the good work.
    Sables Nua School and Drop-In Centre, Kabwe, Zambia.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow Africa! The class got a great kick out of this comment. We searched for Zambia on the map and you`re right, it’s not near the sea. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Sables is such a wonderful place, we were priviliged to visit it, Billy, Nan, Darragh


  3. Wow, well done class 2c from Cork City. Such appealing ideas for stories – a key to open the sea – how poetic! Your English is really good as well, maith sibh.

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  4. Well done all of you! Your stories look wonderful. Such an honour to have your work produced in a book. You must b very proud of your work. We’re very impressed in rang a haon in Ballygarvan NS. We’re going to try some writing of our own after your inspiring work!!

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  5. What inspiring authors! I’m searching busily everywhere I go for my own magic key but no luck so far! I wish we had a copy of your book for our school library here in Cork City! Well done!

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