5 months bring highs and lows. Here are Billy`s Top 5 BA Likes.

5 Argentina v Brazil in the Monumental

Fulfilling childhood dreams.


4 Merienda in Recoleta

Enjoying evening snacks outside, under umbrellas in the sunshine.

DSC_1409 (1)

3             Argentine Greetings

I love the way Argentinians greet with a touch, hug, embrace or kiss. They’re so happy to see each other every day. They have me doing it now and want me to continue when I return to school in Ireland. I tell them if I do, I’ll end up in court!


2             Br Thomas. Artist and Poet

His welcome and wisdom. Sharing books, articles, conversation and coffee with him. An education!


1             Argentinians

Chatting to staff and students at school. Wonderful people, my google, anything I want to know, they tell me!

DSC_000001 (1)


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