It’s beginning to look not like Christmas by (D. Illustrator)

Christmas spirit just isn’t coming to us this year, it`s thirty degrees outside and we`re struggling to get out of the apartment at all. There’s hardly any air left and you can feel the heat evaporating from the street. I still can’t believe that it’s going to be hotter and more humid when we go to Iguazù this weekend.


My plan is to just go to the falls and the national park and spend the rest of my time in the pool. We are very lucky with our accommodation; we managed to book a hotel in BRASIL! I’ve always wanted to go there, and now we are, so I’m very happy. We also get to see both sides of the falls. First we are going to the Brasilian side to see the whole falls from a distance and then we are going over to the Argentinian side to get absolutely soaked and look at it up close. We also got drenched when we went to Africa a year ago and  saw Victoria Falls, we travelled with the wonderful ZAMDA charity and I really enjoyed it.


Back to the present, today is my second primary school graduation of the year and we are going to that at seven o` clock and probably stay there for much longer than we expect to.

We haven’t had a lot to do for the last couple of days, all we’ve been doing is just going to random museums and pretty much staying in the apartment all the time because it’s too hot to go out.

We occasionally go out for a small coffee though. My Dad and I try to get out of the house to play football but it’s impossible with the weather. I’m getting worried about my dad he has a weird obsession with buses. I think we should send him to a specialist; he keeps on comparing them to dinosaurs.

My dad’s cracking up about leaving Buenos Aires, he really loves it here but we have to move on. Mom, she’s like a mad dog on a leash restless to fly down into the unknown and take lots of pictures, I’m sure she will miss Brother Thomas and her new found friend Maru.

I don’t really mind leaving BA but I will miss all the people we have met on the way such as all my teachers in the school like Angie, Tulio, Ludmila and Sandra and Brother Thomas, all my classmates and Flor who has been very nice to me.I wouldn’t mind going home now but if we do, I`ll kick myself in years to come, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m not willing to miss it.

2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look not like Christmas by (D. Illustrator)

  1. This is so touching Daragh, I feel for you all in that heat, when I was in Hungary it was 42 and I just stayed inside as well so I know what you are going through!!!!! yes you WILL be kicking yourself if you come home now…..but think of the lovely cool Christmas you will be having NEXT year……..have you moved on to paint now instead of markers???????….you are a brilliant artist!!!!! we have our Carol Service here tomorrow and while we are singing about snow and the like I will say a special prayer for the three of you!!!!1

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    1. Yes, Im looking forward to that Christmas I can’t wait to be cold for once.Im starting to learn how to paint, Brother Thomas has been teaching me a few things.When we come back to Ireland I’m really looking forward to meeting you!Preferably somewhere cold.

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