Iguazu Falls



She didn’t look like a happy camper,sat smoking, red-faced and pouting, across from us in a gap between two shop fronts on the bus station platform.

I thought it a weird place to sit, till I understood she positioned herself there to charge her mobile phone in the socket high above her head.

We had sat opposite her in the searing jungle heat for the past three hours, waiting for our delayed night bus back to Buenos Aires, guessing where she was from.

I didn`t feel great either. Sweat dripped down the middle of my back, my pants stuck to my legs; my t-shirt collar scratched my tender sunburnt neck.

My head was heavy from the humidity while mosquito bites on my ankles and legs screamed at me.

She came over, threw her back pack at my feet and through pursed lips asked ‘¿Vale la pena?’ ‘Was it worth the pain?’

It was.

We had been in Iguazu, visiting the falls. Crossing over and back from Brazil to Argentina to take in the sight from every angle. What can I say, the falls are awesome.

How can you put such beauty, power and glory into words? The whole experience will stay forever in our memories. The sight, sound, smell of the falls, its jungly background, lush vegetation and wild life. Amazing!

We arrived at the Brasilian side in the midst of a thunderstorm. Rain lashing, lightening flashing.  It only added to the magnificence of the falls. Huge volumes of brown water plunging over cliffs across the river from us on the Argentinian side. What a view!


We walked the path, onto decking, over the thundering river to the Devil’s Throat;the falls appearing and disappearing in clouds and spray.

I stood for a moment, eyes closed, listening. `Meditation and water are wedded for ever’ wrote Melville in Moby Dick`s opening chapter and standing there, eyes closed, listening to the raw power of the falls was a moment of magic.

Opening my eyes, a delicate Para Mini butterfly settled beside me.

Peaceful, fragile, beautiful.

Worth the 20hr bus trip, heat, humidity, bites …



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