After Argentina, nothing will be far away again. It’s so big, you get used to massive bus journeys.


Hours waiting at stations and streets; days and nights bouncing along aboard.

Those long trips started in BA, 18 hours each way to Puerto Madryn and 20 hours between BA and Iguazu.

From Ushuaia, only Antarctica was further south, we were tempted till we copped the crazy cost.


So 3gosouth became 3gonorth,as we headed up famous Ruta 40 with a 13hr bus trip to Puerto Natales, 6hrs to El Calafate, 3hrs to El Chalten and a mammoth 24 hours to Bariloche.

All those bus-hours here to Latitude 41 09, where we’re still further south than Sydney or Auckland.

Today we’re aboard again, on Bariloche’s busy BUS 20, winding along Lago Nahuel Haupi.

A short trip, standing room only, my left hand grips an overhead safety rail as right hand thumbs out words on screen.This is how I write our blog,  on a bus, on a phone.


But this is a Bariloche, not a bus, Blog.

Beautiful,busy Bariloche, the city in the Lake District national park; there’s so much to do.


The Switzerland of Argentina.

Mountains and forests,
Chocolates and cherries
Craft beers.

Backpackers, Buskers.
Ski lodges and lakes
St. Bernards


After our hostel experience, we tried ‘airbnb’ and were delighted to be collected by a lovely couple at the bus station.

We chose a cutesy city-centre apartment, rather than a timber, toblerone lodge and were delighted with our home comforts.

We’ve a stunning lake view and the adventure playground is on our doorstep, thanks to BUS 20.

Bariloche is so comfortable, it’s hard to leave. Especially since we bumped into Flor and family, our friends from Newman.

But tomorrow we’re off again, up the road to Cordoba.

Just a 22 hr bus trip, not far at all!

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