Today was a great day.

We woke up in our hotel in Salento, Colombia had breakfast, (which was pancakes with banana and pineapple) and lounged around in our hammocks for a while.
After a while we heard a faint clip-clopping up from the bottom of the hill on which our hotel is. I was really excited because we were going on a three hour horse riding trip to a waterfall in the middle of a forest.
I mounted my horse, Janeiro and expected a calm slow ride to the waterfall. How wrong I was! It started off slow because our hotel is at the bottom of a big hill, but as the road levelled out the horses began to pick up speed.
The horses were bouncily trotting quickly down the main road. I felt like my internal organs were being bashed around inside me. Meanwhile Dad’s flatulent horse Caballio farted and poo’d everywhere! It was hilarious. 

Behind me Mom’s wild competitive horse Principé was rearing to get to the front of the line,he was trying everything!
Finally we got off the road and started to ( SLOWLY) go down a huge hill. I felt my insides settle and I relaxed. It was much slower going down the hill (thank god) and it was a huge hill as well. 

Going downhill on a horse with a beautiful view of the coffee plantations was brilliant, but as soon as we got to the bottom our horses raced against each other to get to the waterfall first. I felt everything rush past me as my horse reached full gallop and blew ahead of everyone else, I loved it!
After a few more organ-jerking fast paced mini races we left the horses at a stable and walked the rest of the way to the waterfall. When we got there I immediately changed into my swimming togs which I handily brought with me. Knowing that the water was going to be cold,I rushed into the water.

I took a shower ( kind of ) under the waterfall, swam around a bit and got out way after my Wimpy Dad. I then half dried myself off and we walked back to the stable.
The whole way back was a race because the horses knew that they were going home to get food. I was in full gallop for almost half of the trip and won a lot of the mini- races.


When we got the hill again the horses slowly but steadily made their way up the huge climb. Mom’s horse was getting restless at the back and tried to get back up to the front. Eventually our guide, who was a great fan of saying the word ” Espectaculár” had to stop him and calm him down.


When we finally got to the end of our trip we sat down to have our lunch (even though it would’ve been less painful to stand up). 
After that we walked back to our hotel with full stomachs after big burgers and a peanut butter brownie with ice-cream that would have taken two months off your life (thank  God we shared it ).
When we got back to hotel we relaxed for the rest of the day.I really enjoyed the trip and I think it’s the best thing we’ve done yet, but I think I won’t be able to sit down for two weeks!

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