All aboard Santana by D. Illustrator

We left our lovely colonial/modern appartment first thing in the morning and then tried to look for breakfast. 
Eventually we found a nice place where I had French toast and Mom had pancakes. Dad just had a coffee.
We then got a taxi to the port, met all of our companions who were going to be on the catamaran with us ( Stefan, Maya,Jens,Tithia, Harry, Laura, Andrea, Natalie, Sylvianne, Florian, Andre, Marc, Christian and Mirco). They were all very nice.

 Then our captain, Fernando picked us up in groups with his speedboat to bring us to the boat.

 We got a small cabin under the deck on the port of the boat, it was very hot down there, but we had privacy which was the important thing.
After we settled in and had our dinner, Fernando hauled up the anchor because the machine wasn’t working very well.  
So we were off! There’s no point in telling about the two days in open sea because we did absolutely nothing except for burning ourselves on the deck.

When we finally got to the first island of the San Blas I changed into my swimming togs, then after a brilliantly prepared breakfast by Fernando’s girlfriend Sofia and a quick talk from our captain I grabbed a snorkel and mask, jumped into the water off the side of the boat and started swimming for shore. 
Before I got there I got stuck in a mini-reef.  Fortunately I was quite light so the waves brought me in unscathed.  My Dad and Marc who had come with us got stuck in the reef and got a few sea urchin spines stuck in their hands, it took my Mom around half an hour to get the wretched thing out of Dad’s hand later on. 

After that incident we walked around the island and went snorkelling in a place where the water was very clear. We met up with Harry and Laura there who said that they saw a stingray!
After a while we had lunch with a Kuna, one of the members of the native tribe of the San Blas islands. We had a “dorado” fish that Fernando caught and gutted right before my eyes and with some  coconut water still inside the coconut afterwards. It was delicious!

 When we got up to go, the Kuna came over and started dancing with me. Everyone made jokes about me staying on the island for the rest of my life!!
When I finally got away from her, Fernando told me that she especially likes small boys who come to the island.
I then did some more snorkelling before swimming back to the boat to stay there for the rest of the day.
The next day we sailed to another, more touristy island.  The water was really nice and there was also a shipwreck that you could snorkel over. I immediately made my way there.
When I got to the shipwreck I saw a lot of different types of colourful tropical fish, when I went over to the other side of the wreck I was terrified of what I saw. Two big barracudas were circling the sunken ship. I swam as fast as I could away from them. You should’ve seen their teeth!! My Dad and I then went to another reef which was really good as well.

After a good night’s sleep for once, and an excellent breakfast we sailed to another island, I swam to shore to see what it was like but it was very smelly, the water wasn’t as clear as the other islands and there was rubbish all over the place.After a while Sylvianne brought me over to the other side of the island where it was much nicer and there were lots of starfish too! It was great! I picked one up as well and it was a bit weird. I put it back after a few seconds because I didn’t want to be disturbing it.
That day went by very quickly. The next day, our last day on the San Blas islands was very good as well, Fernando went after breakfast to do the immigration, then after lunch we said goodbye to our very kind captain and to Sofia as well, we then got on a speedboat that would bring us to the mainland.
After a quick ride through the sea and up a bit of a river through a small piece of the Darien gap, we parted with our fourteen new friends and got a jeep to our hostel in Panama City.



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